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Deevisions runs creative workshops for artists and for business in Sydney.

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Seminars : 

Aesthetic Technology in the workplace

Duration: 90 minutes.


  • Part 1: Aesthetics and creativity as a tool for business
  • Part 2: How artistic thinking and the arts impact and invigorate corporate spaces.

artist talks : 

Deevisions is currently scheduling an exciting series of artist talks by leading artists as a way of creating platforms for discussion about the nature of creativity and aesthetic thinking and how it applies to the concept of “work”.  These dynamic conversations are aimed at injecting an insider’s point of view on what drives imagination, experimentation and curiosity in their practice.

Seminars and artist talks are to be booked on a per-business basis.

Rhonda Dee will be delivering the first of her seminar series: Aesthetic Technology in the workplace at “Uncurated”  during the month of September 2015 at Macquarie University Art Gallery. 

Contact Macquarie University Art Gallery for time and details.