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Deevisions runs creative workshops for artists and for business in Sydney.




Creative Business is a program is suited to senior management executives interested in acquiring tools and techniques to enhance creativity in the workplace.  Inspiring hands-on workshops, targeted seminars, artist talks and artist in residency programs, are all part of DeeVisions strategy to engage employees and enrich their thinking processes. The new successful workplace is a place of invention where employees are motivated by ideas, and actively engage with each other in an environment of mutual respect.

Setting the stage for quality results and goal achievement through innovation must involve management encouraging creative thinking.  Understandably, few managers have experience with this type of leadership.  With more than 25 years supporting a career as a professional artist, workshop facilitator and creativity specialist, Rhonda Dee has the combined experience to deliver an exciting program tailored to suit the specifics of your business.  

Deevisions will customize a program through a preliminary meeting to fit within the parameters of your organization. Methods are non-competitive, promoting an atmosphere of trust among participants to be free to engage in innovative play, risk taking, collaboration and spontaneous idea formation.  By encouraging participants to challenge habitual thinking processes and gain insight and fresh perspectives, energy and motivation are increased.  


  1. Examine the way in which individuals in your organization perceive Exploration, Change, and Transformation.
  2. Identify and exercise key stages of creative process
  3. Develop strong links between work performance and creativity
  4. Quantify and connect participant knowledge and experiences 
  5. Develop communication, empathy and respect among co-workers