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Deevisions runs creative workshops for artists and for business in Sydney.



Cohesion comes from integrating ‘the new ‘ while discovering and making use of existing patterns.

Deevisions  Artist in Residency Program invites your business to participate in a groundbreaking journey which overlaps the cultures of art and business in new and exciting ways.  The program integrates artistic processes and open-ended thinking directly into your work environment.  Thought provoking, interactive artworks will be designed and installed into your work space to inspire creative thinking, fresh perspectives, innovation and risk-taking.  Dynamic artworks set a platform for participants to move beyond their established roles and enter a fluid aesthetic culture where ideas are at the forefront of integration, growth, communication and transformational change.  Each installation is site specific, and tailored to the particulars of the work environment.  The timing and format of projects will be negotiated on a per-business basis.  An artist talk will be included to discuss the development of the works and to broaden dialogues by encouraging questions, and fostering new ideas for growth in your business. For further Creative Business development click here.