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Deevisions runs creative workshops for artists and for business in Sydney.



“Using and understanding creative practice is the key to sustained motivation, energy and integration within the studio, the workplace and in the practice of everyday life.” –Rhonda Dee

Deevisions workshops provide students of art, arts professionals and businesses a platform to grow and develop their strengths in an environment where creativity drives the learning. As professional artist, teacher and lecturer for over 20 years, Rhonda Dee continues to develop diverse experiential workshops within arts centers, businesses, museums, and universities that focus on expanding imagination, igniting curiosity and encouraging risk-taking to enhance and unlock the creative process both within the individual and in group collaborations.




Deevisions is a unique company whose primary commitment is to inspire and develop creativity as a platform for growth.  It develops and supports creative/artistic strategies for artists, creative professionals and business organizations with an interest in increasing innovation, imagination, curiosity and communication.  By offering workshops that utilize hands-on processes of learning; targeted seminars, artist talks and artist in residency programs, Deevisions seeks to connect and maximize communication while defining and re-envisioning creativity as a tool of engagement to connect people to themselves, each other and to ideas.


Rhonda Dee holds a B.F.A from Washington, and an M. A from Sydney. Her works can be found in permanent collection at the Museo Brasileira da Es Cultura, Sao Paulo Brazil, SAL Art Gallery University of Long Island, New York, Macquarie University Art Gallery Australia, and the Australia China Arts Foundation. She has lectured on creativity at Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Macquarie University, Bankstown Arts Centre and Sydney Community College. She is currently working with Macquarie University and the Australian Research Centre on collaborative projects at the intersection of science and the arts. Upcoming projects include her multi-media installation artist residency at Urban Theatre Projects.